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Delay in pathological tissue processing time vs. mortality in oral cancer: Short communication

Waseem Jerjes*, Tahwinder Upile, Hani Radhi, Aviva Petrie, Aidan Adams, Jacqueline Callear, Panagiotis Kafas and Colin Hopper

Head & Neck Oncology 2012, 4:14  doi:10.1186/1758-3284-4-14

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Based on the information available to BioMed Central, this article was apparently handled by Waseem Jerjes, first author of the article and Editor-in-Chief of the journal at that time. The manuscript was reviewed by one recent co-author of some of the authors and accepted without revision. There is no statement of ethics committee approval in the article. BioMed Central asked for a statement on ethics approval. UCL clarified that the article contains data from a clinical audit using pathology reports. It was identified that this was not a research study and would not therefore have required ethical approval.

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